The Personalized Year Ahead Oracle Reading 2021
(An in-depth look at your best year yet!)

Are you planning big things for the new year?

My year ahead reading will help you get an insight into what to expect for the year ahead and where you need to focus your attention to get the most out of your new year. 

Ms Sneha is awesome!!!

It now marks an official year that I have been working with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Ms. Sneha.  From day 1 until now her loving and caring healing energy has assisted myself and (5) five of my closest friends in clearing negative energy from our past, seeing what’s possible for our future and finding our purpose in this lifetime.  I was so impressed and in awe of Ms. Sneha’s spiritual gifts that I was compelled to gift/pay for (5) five Tree of Life Abundance sessions for my friends


Tamara (Tammi) Edwards //  Richmond, CA

This is for you if...

You are tired and exhausted in 2020 and are looking forward to integrating the message of 2020, shedding the sorrows and setting space for 2021

  • This is for you if you want to leave the old karmic patterns behind and need guidance on how to do this
  • This is for you if you are looking to clarify your purpose and vision for the next year
  • This is not for you if you are looking for someone to predict your future. This is not what this year ahead is all about. I do not predict events or tell you if you are going to find your love or not. What I help with is helping you find the easiest path to get to your desired results and clear the energy in that path through these readings. 
  • You can also gift this to a friend or a colleague or a loved one who will benefit from more focus and clarity in their new year

Here is what is included in the Year Ahead Reading Session! Get ready to be wowed!

Intention Setting and Grounding Meditation. The session begins with a grounding meditation and intention writing ceremony.

Year Ahead Reading. Then we go through the cards pulled out for your highest and best good and purpose. Additional cards may be pulled if you have more questions and for clarification. 

What Will Be Included In The Reading

1. 2020 in Summary

2. Lessons Learned from 2020

3. Aspirations for 2021

4. What will help you reach your aspirations?

5. What will block you from reaching these aspirations?

6. How Can You Be The Best Version of Your Self?

Cards To Represent The Following Aspects In The Year Ahead:

A- Family


C- Romantic Relationships

D- Health

E- Finances

F - Career

G - Travel

Bonus 1: 12 extra cards pulled for you to represent each month's energy in 2021. Sent to you separately in your email.  Available for first 10 participants only 

Bonus 2:  A special sound meditation recording to help you balance your chakras and ease and focus in the energy of the new year. Available for first 20 participants only. 

Journaling and Integration. A list of actions, journaling prompts for you along with the recording to help you integrate the message of the oracle cards. 

"After an insight and spot-on Tree of Life reading with Sneha, I joined her 3-
month program, with the goal of making some big changes in my business.
We met a few times a month for Reiki, mindset work, and business
brainstorming. I so appreciate Sneha’s varied and skilled tool-bag, her
caring insights and her humor. She is a fantastic mix of intuitive and
practical—she’d go from pulling meaning from my dreams or doing a
beautiful Reiki or sound healing session, to giving super-practical guidance
on time management, productivity and my business model. I enjoyed the
sessions immensely—and after those 3 months, felt I was much more
present and focused. I had a much more realistic and sane grasp of how
much time I was spending IN my business (vs. ON my business) and I am
so much more aware of how there are not separate compartments for
healing, business, time, spirituality. They all flow together and Sneha is so
brilliant at conducting that flow. For anyone wanting to bridge the energetic
and practical parts of themselves, I highly recommend her readings and her
1:1 programs.."

Madeleine Eno, In The Write Place

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