Worries eat you regularly. And that makes you hungry. You reach for the salty chips, work your way to the pantry and find more things that you can eat.

Somehow the hunger never feels like it was always gone. You keep eating more and more and before you know it, your stomach feels full suddenly. You feel cramped or bloated.

You hate yourself for making a bad choice yet another day. You probably end up starving yourself the other day as a punishment for making a wrong choice.

Are you ready to break this cycle? First, let me tell you my story. There was a time when I could not stop eating packets of Parle-G cookies dipped in hot tea or hot chocolate.

Every time something would worry me, I would panic and start making tea and then dip cookies in it. And then I started finding less and fewer clothes in my closet that would actually fit me.

In just a matter of time, my size had changed, my Instalooks were changed. And I was not happy.

But it was not only about how I looked but my energy levels felt low. I was waking up groggy. I felt like my tea and cookies were handling my life and I had zero control over them.

My life changed when I asked myself a simple question. The question is this: “Who are you committed to being?” Your frustrated self or your future self?

This single question single handedly has changed my relationship with how I handle my emotions and my food.

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is eating in response to stressful, difficult feelings when not experiencing physical hunger. It shows up as a craving for high sugar, high carbs, high-calorie foods.

Furthermore, people who eat emotionally tend to eat food to fill an emotional void. They also are known to connect food with their feelings, positive or negative.

If you eat emotionally, you might constantly choose junk food over healthy food. Read more about emotional eating in my Ultimate Guide to Curb Emotional Eating

Here are Best Tools to Stop Emotional Eating

The tools and strategies that I recommend below have helped me personally to resolve my emotional challenges. Most of these tools have less to do with controlling eating and more to do with resolving your emotions.

I believe in working on the root cause. Choosing the right supplements, right ingredients, recipes, diet types is all secondary.

I recommend following tools as a way to process your emotions first. Once you learn to do that, it will be easier for you to avoid your binges as your awareness will increase.

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Keep a Food Journal

This might seem like a cliched tool but the power of putting what you eat into writing has so much power. Other than what you eat you can answer some questions as below in your journal for every meal:

  1. How were you feeling before your meal/snack?
  2. What were your thoughts and emotions?
  3. What did you feel after eating?
  4. What were your thoughts and emotions?
  5. Dig deeper. Try to understand why you were feeling that way at that moment.
  6. Why did you choose to eat this particular food today?
  7. Do you associate this food with any particular feelings or emotions or places or people?

Here are some food journals that are currently available on AMAZON

I generally use blank journals and answer my own reflection questions. That is why I have not recommended a particular product here.

Learn Reframes

My training in being a life coach has helped me tons with re-frames on simple frustrations. Reframes help with simple behavioral changes in an easy step by step manner. You will be able to manage disappointment, anger, anxiety, and frustration using reframes.

We are stuck sometimes in our belief systems, our previous experiences that can cause an emotional eating sabotage. NLP techniques help you process and reframe all past hurts.

My introductory course Instant Happy will teach you a few simple strategies and re-frames that you can use to process your emotions and feel instant calm and control over them.

Practice Mindful Eating

Slow down and savor every morsel of food. When you are more in tune and aware of what you are eating and you are aware of your feelings and emotions inside of your body, you are more likely to eat healthy food.

I use mindfulness teachings in my 1:1 coaching programs as well as the 8-week Intuitive Eating Reset program. Mindfulness brings compassion to your journey and helps you bring more self-love and self-care into the picture which in turn helps you become more mindful of how you treat your body.


This may seem a little out there and that is ok. Here is why they are relevant to process emotions. Sometimes you do not know answers about why we are feeling a certain way.

Sometimes you feel highly ungrounded and all over the place and anxious for no reason. Sometimes you have trouble in making a decision.

Sometimes you are going through something so deeply emotional and you need more understanding about the situation.

In all these cases, food will bring comfort because of our habits but it will not bring a solution. You might feel that your troubles are perpetuating and your eating is going out of hand.

Pulling an oracle card when you are feeling off, can bring you guidance and help you get unstuck. You do not always need to be highly intuitive to pull a card.

Most decks come with a meaning of all individual cards and can lead you fairly to some conclusions about your situation.

I love card decks and since I have learned how to use them they have helped me a lot to process my emotions. I am highly intuitive so I do not have to always rely on the meanings and can find my own meaning but for a beginner, the guides are fairly helpful.

Here are some of my favorite deck recommendations:

  1. Kuan Yin Oracle
  2. Akashic Tarot
  3. The Wild Unknown Decks

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing helps to move the energy around especially when you are feeling heavy emotionally. I am a Master Reiki Practitoner and I give myself Reiki.

A lot of clients come to me when they are feeling emotional weighed down and nearly all of them who have worked with me have reported feeling lighter or the feeling to be moved during or after the session. It has helped them become more productive and focused the day after.

Schedule a reiki session with me here or your favorite Reiki healer to help you manage your energy and emotions better.

Reiki healing is based on the principle of channeling and sending Universal energy to the intended person. It is now being introduced in some hospitals in the world to treat patients as an extra care.

The Reiki giver does not channel their own energy or psyche into you but are a conduit of universal energy and just hold space for the receiver to receive the energy.

I love Reiki and it has helped me tremendously to process a lot of emotions, past and present hurts, resentments.

Emotional Freedom Technique

When we are feeling an emotion that is unpleasant, we tend to not accept it. What we resist persists. EFT is a process that helps you accept your emotions and become more aware and present to them. In the way of being present to an emotion, the emotion quite often dissolves and moves away from the body.

In the FREE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT KIT, I have included an EFT script for emotional eating that will help you become familiar to the concept.

Getting a support coach (there is a reason I did not say talking to your friends. See explanation below)

An emotional support coach will help you process your emotions and be there for you. He/She does not have pre-conceived notions about you, your past, your family and your history.

A coach has studied exactly how to help a client and what processes to use or questions to ask to help you move further to a resolution.

If you call a friend, they may not know how to hold space for you. They can give you an opinion based on their point of view of you, your family, your history. It will always be a biased opinion.

They may not always know what is best for you. Friends and family can show us sympathy and hug us but in this case, I believe you are looking to resolve your problems so this is a better way to solve it.

A coach also holds you accountable. Accountability helps you succeed in your plans as you become answerable to one person other than yourself.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about best products for emotional eating

There are lot of simple tools and support systems out there to help you process your emotions. You do not have to pick all options. That will create nothing but overwhelm and more eating.

Instead pick one tool. Try it for a few days. Notice and write down how you feel after using this tool. Notice any difference in your emotional patterns as well as eating patterns.

Bring compassion to your process. The more care you show yourself, the faster results you will see.


Do you have a favorite tool that has helped you curb emotional eating? Click the link below to send me your answer and I will feature best answers on my blog