I am so excited to share the thanksgiving spread with all of you. We have been together throughout this year sharing similar but separate and unique experiences and bonding. If you were on my thanksgiving table, you would have delicacies to eat and laughter to share. But since we must be apart and online only, the next best Thanksgiving spread that I could share with you was a Thanksgiving Reading using the Sacred Crystal Codes Deck by Patricia Missakian. 

This deck was one of the first oracle decks I purchased. I really love the beautiful energy grids depicted in these cards. Each card brings a powerful message from the akashic realm and the crystal grids bring powerful healing with them. 

The Thanksgiving 2020 Oracle Spread

Let’s begin the reading. 

What are you most thankful for this year?

This card brings the message of Infinite Possibilities. This year you are thankful for the doors that closed and new doors that opened up for you. You have seen synchronicity come your way every time you took a step towards the path meant for you. You chose to see possibilities instead of the darkness of this year and you will be rewarded for the same. But on the contrary, if you saw darkness and the infinite possibilities of the darkness then you maybe rewarded in that direction. Choose wisely what you will be thankful for this year. 

2. What surprises are in store for you?

This card invites you to return to your Blueprint. The cleaning up and letting go that you have been working on this entire year is ready to bring you magic and alignment with your soul purpose. If you have not started already to let go and clean up what no longer serves you, start doing it now and be surprised with what follows next! 

3. What resources can you share to help others? 

This oracle is the card of Solution. The most important resource that you can share with others is to trust them and help them trust themselves. When people start trusting more, they can find solutions hidden in their own self to any problems they may face. When people trust more, they are able to make a decision quickly. The money, relationships all follow as long as there is trust in the self and the higher self. Your unique ability to share this with your tribe will help them the most. 

4. What nourishes your life?

This is the oracle of Integration. You learn new learnings, truths, experiences in your life. When you truly learn the lessons and integrate them in your daily life, you become aware of the power and responsibility of your actions. These lessons that you learn truly bring nourishment to help you grow and prosper to become the Infinite being you really are. 

5. How can you bless others? 

This Oracle represents the seed of transformation. When you let go of old ideas, accept new opportunities and honor your own path, you sow the seed of example through your life. This helps your tribe tremendously to see that there is magic in honoring one’s owns path. This is the greatest blessing you can share with others, the blessing of freedom and expansion. 

6. What new traditions can you create? 

This oracle card brings the message of Feminine Power and Your Mission. 

The new traditions you create will be all about balancing your feminine and masculine energies, listening deeply in the stillness and creating a dance between movement and rest. Your traditions will be truly representative of the high vibrations of this life, which will further your power to complete your mission on this Earth. 

I hope you enjoyed this reading. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. 

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