What is Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Tapping is a technique that allows us to change our dysfunctional beliefs by tapping on different energy meridian points on the body while acknowledging emotions and feelings present in the body followed by positive affirmations.

EFT is based on the principle that any dysfunctional emotions that are caused in the body are due to disruption in the energy flow.

We all know that we are an energy body and it is scientifically proven that there are energy fields all around us.

A lot of Chinese medicines like Acupressure, Acupuncture are based on the meridian theory.

Yoga is based on the theory of Nadis which are similar to meridians and are said to be energetically running through the body that is mapped similarly to neuron pathways.

When we tap on these meridians, we move energy blockages in the energy system and help flow of our energy.

When we restore the flow of our energy, the emotions can be brought to functional and we can move from state of distraught to state of relaxation.

How To Tap Away Your Emotional Eating

Is Tapping Woo Woo?

Some might say tapping is a woo technique. But in spite of that, It has been recently brought into the medical field and there is research going on to see the effectivity of tapping on negative emotions.

Here are some online journals mentioning researches on EFT and it’s effectivity on trauma and PTSD  that you can read up on:




What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is eating in response to stressful, difficult feelings when not experiencing physical hunger. It shows up as a craving for high sugar, high carbs, high-calorie foods.

Furthermore, people who eat emotionally tend to eat food to fill an emotional void. They also are known to connect food with their feelings, positive or negative.

If you eat emotionally, you might constantly choose junk food over healthy food.

Why do people emotionally eat?

People eat emotionally to help them move to the place where they are no longer feeling the emotional void.

It is something you have picked up from childhood and has become a habit. It can be present because you have not learned healthy coping mechanisms.

It may be because you sometimes do not know and are not aware of what you are feeling and what you want to feel.

How can tapping help with emotional eating?

As discussed earlier, tapping helps resolve the underlying emotional issues in our mind-body-spirit mechanism. The underlying problem behind emotional eating is not being able to handle emotional issues.

A lot of emotional eating coaches help you find alternatives to eating and help you pick a habit but just changing your habits does not solve the underlying problem of emotional issues.

The issues remain. You may then instead of eating get addicted to traveling, or excessive exercise or something else.

Tapping is one technique that will help you resolve the root cause behind current emotional issues that you are feeling and will also help you get to your desired feeling faster.

How To Get Started With Tapping To Get Away From Emotional Eating?

To get started with tapping you have to follow a sequence of tapping meridian points while focusing on how you are currently feeling: whether you are angry, hungry, scared, bored, anxious, etc.

Use the tapping points in this video and tap at each point 5-7 times and keep doing this for a few rounds. Always check how you feel at the beginning and end of each round.