Stress Less With Mindfulness

An 8-week mindfulness, compassion and sound based course that will show you how to keep burn-out at bay!



Life is busy. Life is chaotic. Life is noisy.

All before getting out of the door.

This was me when I was working full time and I had tiny baby and toddler to feed and then drop off in the daycare and a meeting to attend. Breakfast rushed, kisses rushed, sometimes angry and frustrating moments.

Living at this pace was doing nothing but creating stress in my daily life.

Maybe you are not in a rush like I was.

Maybe you are stuck in the past or worried about your future.

Maybe you miss out moments with your children when you are thinking about something that bothered you earlier this week.

Maybe you feel anxious every time the bell rings or every time you see news on TV

Maybe you feel sad and keep ruminating things about the past and are unable to figure out how to change it and make it right

You have a list of “only ifs”, “what ifs, “should haves”. Maybe you are just not feeling enough anymore


I have been there a million times and more.

I was truly thankful when mindfulness and self-compassion showed up for me.

I was never the same person again.

Mindfulness helped me get complete control over my ruminating thoughts.

Mindfulness helped me understand and process my difficult emotions which made me feel alone and helpless.

Mindfulness helped me appreciate and love the person that I was and I am and I will become.

Most importantly Mindfulness helped me stay present and stopped me from running away from my own self. 

Mindfulness is a scientifically proven evidence-based practice to create simple, effective changes in your life, to create more space for joy, to create more space for you, to create more space for breath.

Mindfulness helps you feel so much better as your progress in your daily practice.

Mindfulness helps you create better focus. Mindfulness helps you improve your performance in all areas of your life. Mindfulness helps you build better relationships all around.

Results people experience when they learn mindfulness

  • focused mind
  • self-trust
  • self-compassion
  • calm and clarity
  • effective management of emotions including fear and anger
  • better communication development
  • better decision making
  • creative thinking enhancement
  • increased confidence

What you will learn in this course?

1. What mindfulness is and how it can help you in all areas of your being?

2. How to stop worrying about the future and dwelling in the past?

3. How to stop giving air to stories that our mind makes and to help it become more focused?

4. Simple and easy practices that will help you cultivate kindness towards yourself and others.

5. A way to channel your inner critic into your inner ally.

6. Simple practices to handle deep emotions like guilt, shame, anger, fear, jealousy and more.

7. How to live with values and how that helps with decision making and choices?

8. Integrating mindfulness in daily life.


What is included in this course?

8 weeks of recorded video lessons (More than 24 hours of videos)

Workbooks For Guided Reflections

Recorded Meditations To Help Enhance Your Practice

Weekly LIVE Q/A sessions – 8 weeks

Accountability to help you create a foundation of mindfulness practice






Stress Less With Mindfulness

An 8-week step by step mindfulness, self compassion and sound based course that will help you


Feel Re-Energized

Increase your energy and enthusiasm for life

Relax Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Calm your mind, get better sleep, Freedom from emotional overwhelm

Stress Less

Increase ability to cope better in times of short term and long term stressful situations

Build Your Confidence Levels

Say good bye to your self critical voice and bring out your inner self compassionate friend alive

Feel More Joy

Feel more joy and abundance in your life

Better Relationships

Change how you relate to yourself, others and food.  


“Sneha is a fantastic mix of intuitive and practical. I enjoyed her sessions immensely and after those I felt much more present and focused. I highly recommend working with her.”

Madeleine Eno

Writing and Editing Services, In the Write Place

Today June 18, 2019, marks an official year that I have been working with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Ms. Sneha.  From day 1 until now her loving and caring healing energy has assisted myself and (5) five of my closest friends in clearing negative energy from our past, seeing what’s possible for our future and finding our purpose in this lifetime.  I was so impressed and in awe of Ms. Sneha’s spiritual gifts that I was compelled to gift/pay for (5) five Tree of Life Abundance sessions for my

 friends.  I often read my 1st session notes and review my first recording.  I also work with Ms. Sneha monthly and do distance Reiki (energy work)- these sessions are amazing – she always follows up with me regarding how I have been doing prior to my next months’ session to ensure that I am doing my part in my healing process.  I also love the Sound Bath on-line sessions she has recently initiated.   I am a loyal fan and consumer of Ms. Sneha work.  I highly recommend any service Ms. Sneha has to offer.  Ms. Sneha is AWESOME!!!

Tamara(Tammi) Edwards

She makes me feel optimistic and lighter. Like the weight is taken off my shoulders….”

Eka Mehmeti

Working Mom

Ready to Stress Less With Mindfulness?