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Of Your Personality Using Human Design

I hand run each chart and personalize every email and include a mini reading that goes with your Chart and E-book. Please expect a 48-72 hour turn around time. 

The Human Design Basics E-book includes an overview of

  • The HD Chart and Bodygraph
  • Type, Strategy & Not-Self
  • Authority
  • The Nine Centers
  • Channels & Gates
  • Lines, Profiles and Incarnation Crosses  

                 *In order to run an accurate chart, you will need to know your birth date, birth place and exact time of birth. 

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In this Initial Reading, we will create a safe space to dive deeper into the heart of your chart. I will synthesize the specifics of your unique design. This is offered in a virtual live video platform. A recording will be provided to you after the session. 

In this reading session, we will cover:

 1. A basic overview of your Human Design

2. How Understanding Type and Strategy can help you with money, relationships, parenting, health and lifestyle

3. How to make empowered decisions by connecting with your innate wisdom and authority.