By Sneha Jhanb

Stress-Free Prosperity


Stress has played a major role in my life. I have been through a fair share of stress through accidents, surgery, heart breaks, career setbacks, entrepreneurial setbacks and more. And on that journey of life navigating stress, I found a way to bring myself back on the road to prosperity. Every time I strayed down the path of stress, I have managed to pull myself back to prosperity. 


When I started writing this book, one thing was clear. The idea of this book was not to send you down the road of positive thinking your way to prosperity or denying your feelings and forcing yourself to feel positive. The idea of this book is to give actionable strategies to help you lower your stress and increase your prosperity.


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Growing up in middle class India, we were taught (consciously and sub-consciously) that our worth is tied to our job. Have a great job, you will be happy. Even in America, that is the conventional wisdom. A lot of people tie their happiness and their purpose in life to their jobs. Then, they get stressed when their job does not provide this. This book turns this conventional wisdom on its head.

If you are one of many who don’t find that your job does not fulfill your purpose in life, then this book is for you. I loved the new way to look at your job and your purpose in life. And that is just one chapter!!!

This book gave me some great ways to look at the causes of stress in my life and flip them around. You will gain concise, practical, and actionable information to apply to your life.


Thank you for this lovely book, Sneha! It is perfect for both people who are new to the idea of meditation, mindset, and journaling as well as those who are looking to brush up on their skills. This book is laid out in a easy to follow sequence with action steps along the way, so you not only learn something but also get the chance to implement it in real time. I definitely recommend it!


A beautiful guide to supporting you in reducing stress in your life. Within this book, Sneha shares strategies that you can implement now to create real change as you move forward towards creating a prosperous life. Highly recommend you pick up this guide to add to your tool belt of support techniques on your self-healing and personal development path!


I got the kindle version on unlimited and then was so intrigued by the jorunaling section section I had to get my own paperback copy to work on. I learned so much about myself in what I have already read. This is a must read if you are on the path to self discipline, discipline and betterment of self.


I really enjoyed this book. It offered fresh new perspectives, and easy ways to make changes in your life, for the better.
Written in an easy friendly manner – no preaching, just easy to implement ideas. Some people may say change starts from within, but I think change starts with this book. Then the changes within are easy to apply. I highly recommend this book. Go on, buy it and change your life.


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4. Mindfulness 101 to help you get started with creating your own mindfulness meditation practice. 

I am sharing an excerpt from the book…

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would write a book on stress and prosperity. However, looking N at my journey in life to date, I feel that I was meant to be the guide to help you understand how stress and prosperity are linked, making stress free prosperity the perfect subject to handle in my first book. 

The impact of stress plays a major role in people’s lives. The estimated cost to the global economy due to depression and anxiety is US $1 trillion per year in loss of productivity, according to the World Health Organization. Eastern Kentucky University estimated that American employers spend $300 billion every year on health care and lost work days linked to work-related stress. 

Stress has played a major role in my life too. I have been through my fair share of stress due to accidents, surgery, heart breaks career setbacks, entrepreneurial setbacks and more. And on that journey of navigating stress, every time I found a way to bring myself back on the road to prosperity. 

The idea of this book is not to send you down the road of positive thinking your way to prosperity or denying your feelings and forcing yourself to feel positive. The idea of this book is to give actionable strategies to help you manage the pressure you feel and empower yourself on your path to creating wealth and lasting joy. 

Who am I and why am I writing about stress and prosperity? 

Hi, I am Sneha. I am a certified life coach, a certified mindfulness teacher and in the process of achieving my 200 hour yoga teacher certification. I wear many hats under the umbrella of StressLessWithSnehaJ.Com, a website I created to help busy professionals find the balance between joy and prosperity. 

Throughout my life, I have been fascinated in understanding why adults are so stressed, about prosperity and personal growth, and the different ways to help them. To that end, I have found many mentors who have shown me the path to discover the way to being comfortable in my personal growth, every time I feel lost. 

What does Prosperity Really Mean? 

The dictionary definition of “to prosper” is to be financial y successful. The word is also used to describe “to grow strong and healthy, to flourish physically.” 

Prosperity is your ability to feel that you are thriving, to know that you are doing weland everything that is happening is in your best interest and that you are growing. Therefore, prosperity is a state of mind, rather than your bank balance, or job title. 

Stress and Prosperity : What Is The Connection? 

Stress and Prosperity are two sides of the same coin. When you see one face up, you do not see the other. 

When you reduce stress in your life, you start increasing prosperity. 

Your outlook towards life changes. When the stress in your life increases, your feeling of control goes down. 

Most of us play this coin flip al our lives. Something good happens and you get excited. Then something bad happens, and you feel that the world is just not supportive enough, and that you are not good enough. You start blaming everyone else including your stars and alignment, your parents, and partners and sometimes even your children. 

You blame your work, your colleagues, your timetable, your health routine, and your bosses. Also, many times you blame yourself and you make a subconscious choice to continue to dwelon this blame game and you sit there whining. This causes you to feel less prosperous, since you are focusing on what you do not have. 

But on the flip side, when you feel well in your mind and soul, you feel joyful. You do not feel the burden of stress on your shoulders anymore. You feel as light as air. 

The difference between people who experience less stress and more prosperity in their life from those who don’t is that these people are the ones who do something about it and learn when to adapt to situations or how to return to the balance. 

I am not saying there are days where you wilnot groan from the pressures. I am not saying being upset is bad. I am saying knowing when to quit whining and take action changes your game in life. 

And this is the hack that I want to teach you. 

I will teach you how to feel more prosperous, more joyous and more happy in your life, while making sure that you unburden all that is not needed. 

Is this magic? No. 

Am I going to teach you some random “woo woo” principles about the law of attraction where you keep praying that you get more money to be prosperous? NO! I am going to give you a practical step by step process of how you can achieve more prosperity in your life and how to reduce stress in your life. 

When most people think of prosperity, they start and stop at money, assets and wealth. But do you think that if you had tons of money and a lot of stress, you would be able to savor your progress 100%? 

It is not possible, because with financial prosperity comes added responsibility and THAT reduces our ability to be calm. 

Now, money is one of the factors that can help achieve prosperity but it is not the only factor. We have several factors in our life that affect how stressful or how prosperous we feel. In this book, I refer to these factors as the “Houses of Prosperity.” 

Houses Of Prosperity

To understand these houses, you need to be on the outside looking in at the various factors that affect your well-being. Each of these factors can be grouped into the following Houses of Prosperity:

1. Self/You

2. Relationships 

3. Money 

4. Space and Environment 

5. Career/Purpose 

6. Spirit 

7. Network 

8. Body 

9. Time 

The way you relate to each of these houses of prosperity can

determine your prosperity at any given point of time. These houses can either make you feel good about yourself and your life or they may make your stress level rise. 

Once we explore you learn about these factors; in the following section, I will take you down a simple path that will teach you a time tested, strategic process to achieve prosperity and lower stress in each of these houses. 

My methods are a mix of practicality, science and wow! You have to understand how stress works, and how it affects your life. You have to get more clarity on what factors create a barrier to your prosperity. Once you have this clarity, you will be well on your way to stress-free prosperity! 


ABOUT The Author


Sneha is the founder of Stress Less With Sneha J , Stress Less With Sound and owner of Prosperous Financial Services, LLC. Sneha is an Industrial Engineer turned  Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner and Financial Professional.

She helps families connect with their financial and emotional well being and helps achieve stress free prosperity. She is passionate about connecting consciously in this world and wants to share these values with her husband and 2 boys. Learn more about her here


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