What Is A Sound BatH?

Sound bath is the practice of deepening meditation using sound and music. I use crystal singing bowls and gongs, drums and chimes to create the music. Sound meditation is an excellent way for beginners to experience a state of deep peace and calm in only 20 minutes. The beautiful sounds bring balance and harmony to the body, promote positive energy and an effective form of meditation. It can help ease stress and anxiety. 

A sound immersion helps you relieve stress, reduce pain and deepen your meditation practice. All you do is show up for yourself and relax as the beautiful sound bowls lead you into meditative states.

Some of the main benefits of sound healing are: 

  • low levels of stress.
  • decreased mood swings.
  • pain and emotions management.
  • improvement in sleep

How can you experience a sound bath session WITH SNEHA J?


Find a group sound bath session to attend in person in Forsyth County, GA here

Host a group sound bath session for your community, private group or employees. To find out details about hosting, connect with me here


Try a 1:1 private sound healing session with me. 




A 1:1 private sound healing session is tailored for your needs. In this experience, you will lie down on your yoga mat and bowls will surround you and some bowl might be placed on you. You will experience a vibrational massage like experience along with the celestial sound. This session helps

1. Cleanse your aura

2. Strengthen your aura

3. Ease emotional pain

4. Helps you de-stress, relax and rejuvenate

5. Activates para-sympathetic nervous system and turns on the relaxation response

6. Raises your vibrations to support your intentions and goals 


You will be wearing all your clothes and will be covered in a blanket during this session. There will be use of tibetan sound bowls, crystal bowls and other music instruments to renew a state of balance in your being. 


Schedule a private 1:1 sound healing session here