You have a mind-boggling question and you want the answer

Are you tired of spending time at a soul-sucking job? Or is it just that you are looking for more challenges in life and not sure if your current work provides you with that? Or maybe you are looking for time freedom?

Perhaps, a drastic lifestyle change that takes you to a life on an island vacationing like the other posts on Instagram that keep popping up these days. Or perhaps your partner is wanting to move to a new place and you are naturally forced. Maybe you have become-a parent recently and your challenges have increased. Maybe you have lost someone close in your life and you want to change the energy around you. Or maybe something happened in your life that changed you and your mind in a lot of ways that you are unsure of how this job fits in your life? Maybe you just need some time to-think…

Whatever the reason may be, this question has popped up and you are looking for an answer.

You want someone to tell you the right answer to this mind-boggling question. It keeps you in a mode of anxiety lately. You are not 100% present at your job or your life because of this question.

If you are nodding your head, then you are in the right place. I know something about quitting jobs. I have quit jobs 3 times without back up plans.

I know something about quitting jobs and starting businesses.

I know human conditioning and belief system programming.

I know I have what it takes to be there for you when you are making this decision. Even more so because I did not have this resource and experience when I was in your place 3 times when I was making a decision and I have decided to step up and be there for people in my shoes then.

My job quitting story

The first time I quit my job, it was because my husband moved to a whole new state and I did not want to live by myself. It did take some convincing on his part, I will not lie. I was not wanting to move and had a lot of resistance around being dependent. I was also on a working visa which made the decision even more harder. I was being sponsored by a company to work and I was going to give that up and become dependent for god knows how long.

I decided to take the risk and move to dependent visa and let my husband take care of me until I found a new company (which really only took 3 months at that time. I feel lucky)

In my free time (I also had 0 kids then), I had tons of fun. I volunteered, joined book clubs, finally took interest in cooking, made friends with people I am not sure I would even meet if I had not quit.

The second time I quit my job, it was mommy’s brain. Sometimes I wish I had not quit as my career would have really taken off in a great direction but in a lot of ways, I am happy I did.

I was lucky to get extended help from my mother in law and my mother so I could keep working but seeing that new precious baby home made me so emotional that I had to quit and spend all my waking time with him taking him around town to meet other moms and do playdates. In hindsight, I was given the option of working part-time. I should have kept that going but I had an emergency gallbladder surgery in the middle of all this that put me in a spiraling mindset.

Then came my second son. I was still home then but I decided to join work again. This was one of the best jobs I have ever had. And I was working wholeheartedly. Then when I was not exactly looking, came a nudge for me to work at a new place. I really thought this new job would change my life. I took it. It did not turn out to be what it was. I was spending time with a full heart on this job, leaving my kids at daycare and babysitters.

I was even finally getting into shape but there came a point in life where I started questioning my place in this job, my value and the need, the toxic environment. The company that I was working for during this time was going down at a speed of light. It closed down 6 months after I quit. When someone aka the owner of this company can have everything in life money wise, opportunity wise and still see nothing from it, have severe anxiety, can make one bad decision after another, can be super confused, it can give employees a scare.

The Birth Of Stress Less With Sneha J

For me, it became the quest of my life, to understand why people can have everything and still find everything unfulfilling. I decided to quit corporate completely. I had no backup plan. My husband was my back up (which is not always a great idea as it has a potential to create a lot of tension). We had done a great job with savings all these years and he is working full time and that has helped us.

I started with writing about motherhood and simultaneously (and accidentally) started worked on healing myself and then decided to learn more about energy healing and mindset coaching out of interest and curiosity. It was already learning a bit about blogging and social media.

At some point, I decided to bring it all under the umbrella of Stress Less With Sneha J.

I am now definitely at a point where I am willing to 10X my efforts into this business and start making real money and not treat it as a hobby anymore.

But just because my answer was quitting and starting 3 times and it was the right answer for me every time amd so far it has worked, it does not mean it is the answer for you.

21 Things I Have Learned From Quitting My Jobs

  1. You lose friends you made at work and in real life. They are not all your permanent friends. They do not really miss working with you. You might miss them until you found new friends and a new routine. If this happens, you know they were not your friends. You were just spending time with these people regularly as a habit or a necessity for job.
  2. You can survive and you are stronger than you think you are
  3. Sometimes you can negotiate terms instead of completely quitting
  4. If you get to work part-time before you completely quit, it gives you some time to think it through
  5. If you quit and live on one salary, there are drastic changes needed sometimes in your lifestyle that you may not be ready for
  6. If you are a low-risk type of personality, do not quit without a backup plan as it will give you anxiety
  7. People find it odd that you are not working. But people can only judge and create emotions in you if you first have these judgments about yourself or other people.
  8. Walking in fresh air daily helps so much
  9. Having some hobbies or learning new ones when you have quit help you
  10. Journaling is a great resource to get your thoughts out on a paper and to reflect on your new life
  11. Quitting a job might not change circumstances. Sometimes they may create similar circumstances in a new job until you learn what you needed to learn from that circumstance. Running away from a circumstance is never an answer.
  12. You are your worst critic.
  13. It is easy to find new jobs until you are out of jobs for two years plus or a mother. It gets harder sometimes but there is always help.
  14. What would have been if you did or did not is never a great question and not a productive one as no one can really answer that? The dwelling is the worst thing one can do for their health and stress matters.
  15. It might take longer than you originally thought to become self-sufficient. Patience is a virtue. It sometimes might take less time as well and that is ok.
  16. No matter what, you will be ok.
  17. No matter what, you are ultimately your own best friend and will be there for yourself in all times.
  18. It is easy to move on and it is easy to stay stuck. You are always a decision away from feeling great or miserable.
  19. Happiness has nothing to do with jobs, places, people. It has to do with your mindset only.
  20. Your purpose is not about doing, it is about being. It is about the lessons you are here to learn and stories and beliefs that you are here to heal.
  21. Passion and motivation are personal development lies. Consistency, Commitment, and Your Confidence to show up daily is what it takes to move forward in any career, job or business.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Decide

  1. Why do you want-to quit this job? Is it because you want to try something new or is it because you are afraid of something?
  2. What values are important for you in a job and in my life? Are these being met at the current job or the new job or if you quit?
  3. Do you have enough savings to take you through a year or two if needed?
  4. Can you negotiate some time to take off for a sabbatical before you decide to completely quit?
  5. What is your family’s opinion about you quitting? Are they on board? If they are not on board, what are your options?
  6. Can you live with less than what you have currently? Or can you wait until you can find a new position?
  7. Does your health or someone else’s health require you to quit? Do you have other options for their care?
  8. What hobbies can you cultivate for personal fulfillment apart from your job?
  9. What is that I do not like about your current job?
  10. How can you make sure you do not bring what you do not like into your new job?
  11. How can you make sure similar circumstances do not exist in a new job?
  12. Can you talk to someone you trust who can help you see things clearly from all directions?
  13. Can you get a change internally in the company?
  14. Why are you unhappy?
  15. What are your needs?
  16. Are you taking enough time for self-care?
  17. Do you have a clear strategy for quitting your job?
  18. Do you have a learning mindset if you do not have a strategy?
  19. What are your skillsets and passions?
  20. What is it that you want to do after you quit?
  21. What do you need in order to succeed?
  22. Do you need better stress coping skills?
  23. Do you need more help at work?
  24. Do you need any training?
  25. Do you need to delegate more?
  26. Do you need better timings?
  27. Do you want-to decrease your commute?
  28. Do you just want a change of scenery?


Life has brought you to this question for a reason. The reason is a need for a growth response from-you. In order for you to grow in your work, in your life, you have to take a step back, assess and then decide if you should quit your job or not.

Reflecting on your needs and your values like the questions above helps you to create a foundation for a stress-free prosperous career.

Need more specific guidance and a clear direction for your dilemma? I can help! Schedule your free 15-minute consultation call with Sneha J to get the nurturing support you need at this important moment.