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“Today marks an official year that I have been working with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Ms. Sneha. From day 1 until now her loving and caring healing energy has assisted myself and (5) five of my closest friends in clearing negative energy from our past, seeing what’s possible for our future and finding our purpose in this lifetime. I was so impressed and in awe of Ms. Sneha’s spiritual gifts that I was compelled to gift/pay for (5) five Tree of Life Abundance sessions for my
friends. I often read my 1st session notes and review my first recording. I also work with Ms. Sneha monthly and do distance Reiki (energy work)- these sessions are amazing – she always follows up with me regarding how I have been doing prior to my next months’ session to ensure that I am doing my part in my healing process. I also love the Sound Bath on-line sessions she has recently initiated. I am a loyal fan and consumer of Ms. Sneha work. I highly recommend any service Ms. Sneha has to offer. Ms. Sneha is AWESOME!!!.”

“After an insight and spot-on Tree of Life reading with Sneha, I joined her 3-
month program, with the goal of making some big changes in my business.
We met a few times a month for Reiki, mindset work, and business
brainstorming. I so appreciate Sneha’s varied and skilled tool-bag, her
caring insights and her humor. She is a fantastic mix of intuitive and
practical—she’d go from pulling meaning from my dreams or doing a
beautiful Reiki or sound healing session, to giving super-practical guidance
on time management, productivity and my business model. I enjoyed the
sessions immensely—and after those 3 months, felt I was much more
present and focused. I had a much more realistic and sane grasp of how
much time I was spending IN my business (vs. ON my business) and I am
so much more aware of how there are not separate compartments for
healing, business, time, spirituality. They all flow together and Sneha is so
brilliant at conducting that flow. For anyone wanting to bridge the energetic
and practical parts of themselves, I highly recommend her readings and her
1:1 programs..”
Madeleine Eno

I have attended a couple of sound bath sessions with Sneha. And , the whole process seems simple but is quite powerful. Simple , since you lay down with your eyes closed and allow the various, unexpected sounds to help you relax . Powerful because it helped reach a state of awareness.
Each sound bath experience was a bit different for me —one day I could sink right in with ease, while the other day it took longer for me to feel it.
Sneha has a varied range of sound bowls and instruments that she uses during the session. Each sound , each vibration took me to a different place, different imagination. These vibrations were relaxing and healing. I could feel them moving through my body.

Grateful to you Sneha, for sharing this new experience with me !!

Manjari Ag

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