Sounds strange, doesn’t it? I mean who writes something like how to love yourself? Does it sound like a self-fulfilling prophecy? Who does she think she is?

This is what I would have said several years ago before I started on the journey of self-love. I came to a point where I wanted to change a few things and decision points in my life. 

I was not happy with where I was and I did not have a lot of answers but I had a ton of questions. I did quit my job that I was not happy with which was a huge self-love moment frankly. (the one that I thought would be the best job and opportunity I would ever have to take my career to a new level and really I was wrong on many levels so much that I have been on a soul level journey since then) 

I wanted a break from everything. From my career, from my life, everything. At that time, I thought self-love would be a journey of massages, sleeping, feeling refreshed. It was a little bit of that but it was so much more of other things. And it definitely helped me get back on track of the life that I was meant to live and love. It got me closer than ever to my purpose and fulfillment. 

Lately, though, I have also seen self-love and self-care to be the buzz words of the personal development industry. 

Sometimes trends tend to throw people off. 

I believe that self-love and self-care is definitely a trend that you need to jump on and keep it going and spread to all future generations. 

What is self-love?

If I had to define self-love, I believe self-love is loving and accepting all parts of you that you love and hate. 

Self-love is doing things that help you feel the joy you wanted to feel. It is doing things that make you feel abundant and prosperous.

It is also things that you do for yourself that keep you sane and out of trouble.

It is things that you do to quiet your inner critic and give voice to your compassionate self. 

It is finding the courage to take care of yourself when no one else is there for you. 

It is finding the courage to own up to the things that you may not have been proud of. 

It is finding the courage to ask for and give forgiveness. 

It is finding the courage to say I love who I am

My journey of self-love

Self-love journey begins with wherever you are at. Everyone begins at a different point. If you are reading this blog, I am sure you have already started on your journey and want to learn more. 

Even if you do not think you have started, just by reading this blog about self-love, you are taking the first step to figure out how to love yourself and that is a great first step. 

When I embarked upon my journey, I started journaling and blogging and clearing out the voices in my head. 

When I brought the voices in my head on paper, I could clearly see what I was thinking, what was wrong, what was right, what was resentment and jealousy, what was pain and sadness, what was plain egotistical ambition and what was really what I wanted and cared for. 

I took mindfulness classes and learned meditation practices

I attended live events and retreats. I networked with women who were on a journey to find their voice. I interviewed several moms and understood what it took for them to embark on a journey of self-love and self-care while learning entrepreneurship while taking care of little ones. 

I did tons of energy work. I learned Reiki, I learned Tarot and Oracle. I learned Akashic Records. I learned how to use neuro-linguistics programming to help re-program my belief systems. I did mirror work that helped me change my relationship with how I saw myself. 

I use Reiki daily for myself and my family. I journal daily. 

Mindfulness has been a game-changer in my life and so has sound healing. I have embraced sound healing and fallen in love with crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. 

I have so many of these tools daily for myself. For self-healing. For loving myself. Embracing who I am and what I stand for. For loving parts of me that I wonder if anyone else would really love. For not feeling broken and half-human because of not having a gallbladder and having a rod in my leg. For not feeling “not worthy” because I decided to quit my seemingly perfect and “normal” career. 

For me, self-love is a journey and not a destination. It is a daily sacred practice. 

My recommendations for you to get started on the self-love journey

  1. Start a mindfulness practice. Awareness is key. When you are aware of your emotions, your feelings, your needs, your inner critic, you can work on helping yourself wherever you need and bringing the self-compassion inside. 
  2. Start journaling. You can journal free-style. You can use journals where you can fill in prompts. A great journal to help you with your journey of self-love is by my friend, Britny West, called You Woke Up Worthy. It is a 21-day journey to feel worthy of your desires and big dreams. 
  3. Build your relationship with the mirror. We are not always happy with the way we look or feel about our bodies. Mirror work helps us find that inner beauty and embrace it. 
  4. Build friendships that are healthy. Find friends who are interested in personal development and for the development of society
  5. Start reading positive statements or affirmations. I remember I used to pull up an affirmation card for a well-meaning colleague whenever she got annoyed or irritated at something. Hay House has some great collection of Affirmation Cards on Amazon. 
  6. Connect with nature. Get out of the house. Go for a walk or a run or a swim or cycling or hiking. 
  7. Go to yoga classes or sound healing. Join a music class. 
  8. Paint. Painting is a great form of self-care. Rise Above by Whitney Freya is a great book to explore your relationship with yourself through painting. You do not have to be an artist for doing this. Trust me on this one

Begin where you are and go where the journey takes you. Work on leaving the self-doubt behind and bringing awareness and self-compassion in your life. 

I am not promising the journey to be rosy and full of smiles. It is a journey that has some thorns on its way for sure. 

But what I am promising you is that you will start making your life on earth feel a lot more worthwhile, especially if you are already not feeling like it. 


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