Work anxiety drastically affects the quality of your life. Anxiety and Stress at work affect performance, relationships, and meaningful experience. Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique provides some relief from this anxiety and stress. It is based on Eastern medicine concept of the energy body and meridian points in the body.

Get your copy of Tapping Video and Scripts For Relief From Work Anxiety

  • Turn around worry over approaching deadlines.
  • Stop giving in to a bad boss
  • Stop feeling miserable
  • Release negative energy around feeling left out and own your uniqueness
  • Release fear of not being enough
  • Bring confidence in important meetings and discussions
  • Call in support when the workload is overpowering your life
  • Release the frustration around difficult clients

What does this product include?

  • E-book with 6 Scripts For Workplace Anxiety that walk through beliefs and resistance around project deadlines, bad bosses, important meetings, feelings of exclusion, excessive workload, difficult clients and beliefs that help with reinforcement of confidence in yourself
  • 4 simple 5 -minute videos that explain:  What is Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique? What are the different tapping points? How to know if energy has moved? How to use the scripts?

Use EFT to create balance and harmony within your mind and body. Create vibrant energy that helps you radiate confidence to live your daily life. Do not let worries hold you back from your true potential. Get in alignment with your true self. When you are confident, you can work to your fullest ability and create a life of wellness, prosperity and joy.

Tap out old limiting beliefs of work stress and tap in the new beliefs and reframes to reduce daily stress.

Disclaimer – This is an information product and educational in nature. This is not psychological,  medical or legal advice.


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