“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.”

– Mark Twain

How you wake up, sets your tone for the day.

Imagine waking up and then looking at your phone, getting caught up in people’s statuses and messages and forgetting completely about that beautiful idea you had in your dream last night. 

Imagine waking up and scrolling on the phone while your kid is also awake in his bed waiting to get a good morning glimpse, hugs and kisses from you. What signals are you sending the little child today as he wakes up?

Imagine waking up from a nightmare and looking at your watch and then hurrying throughout the day feeling some form of unknown anxiety all day long.

Are these or similar scenarios common in your life?  Are you waking up hurrying to get to the next place without giving a simple recognition to the new beautiful morning that you are being given one more day to live? 

I have been there. Writing up something at night and then waking up in the morning to check the phone to see how many people liked my post or commented or disliked or got angered or offended. Totally forgetting about the new day that I have been given to shine my light in a new way that is different and better than yesterday. Totally forgetting that I have to get ready and go somewhere and now I am completely feeling rushed. 

Practicing Mindfulness changed this scenario for me. 

I became hyper-aware of how I was living my mornings and how it was affecting how I set the tone for the day. 

I decided to deliberately work on creating a more mindful morning for me daily. Today, I am feeling so good about this change I have implemented that I have finally decided to share it. 

Here is what I do and I will explain why later in the post. 

I wake up in the morning and first stretch big. I close my eyes still lying on the bed and do a complete body scan to see what feelings and emotions I have collected and stored in the night. I try to recall my dream. If I do recall it, I write it down. Most of the times it makes no sense, but sometimes something sticks out that I need to let go of or embrace or just look more closely at. Sometimes recalling dreams bring about different kinds of feelings inside of me. I do a mindfulness body scan again to notice the feelings and emotions that the dream brings. 

I then slowly wake out of my bed, do morning chores in the bathroom and walk downstairs. I go out and take a breath of fresh morning air and hear the birds chirping. I am grateful for another beautiful day. 

I get back inside and write down my intentions and do 3 sun salutations. I then go and wake my children up or read a book if it is still not time for them to wake up. 

What is the reasoning behind what I am embracing in the morning lately?

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in this morning routine. 

If you wake up daily and the first thing you do is watch your phone, you are sending the message to your body as well as the Universe that the most important thing is not you but something else. This creates a strain on your mind body spirit system. It also tells the Universe that you are not a priority. 

If you wake up with dreams that you recall but do not process, the stuck emotions inside the body will rule your day. If you give some time to acknowledge these emotions and less them pass, your day is in your control and not led by unknown anxious feelings. 

When you stretch your body when you wake up? Because it feels so good and because of this scientific explanation

According to the author, Theresa Cheung, in her book 21 Rituals To Ignite Your Intuition says that when we wake up and shrink or pout or sit with dropped shoulders, we are sending a message to the universe that we do not want to expand. 

Feeling expansive is not about your body weight and size. It is about how amazing you feel, knowing what a magnificent being you are and how you are truly worthy of all your desires and dreams. When we stretch our body, we naturally send the Universe a sign of expansion. 

Having a mindful morning, where I am focused on how I feel, what messages I am sending to the Universe, moving my body to feel better about myself, setting an intention to create a focus for the day are all ways to lead a mindful life that is full of focus and awareness and less distraction from negative emotions and thoughts. 

Would you like to incorporate a mindful morning routine in your life? Here are some guidelines that you can follow to create a routine for yourself. 

  1. Learn mindful body scan meditation so that you can practice it by yourself in the morning
  2. Immediately after you turn your morning alarm off, keep the phone away. 
  3. Before getting up from the bed, do a gentle body scan to notice feelings, emotions and stress inside the body. 
  4. Stretch far and wide
  5. Keep a diary handy near your bed to write about your dream
  6. Keep a second diary ready to write your intentions after your morning bathroom routine. 
  7. Follow up with doing something that makes you feel thankful for waking up on a new day. You can feel the fresh air outside, you can exercise, you can wish others good morning, you can boil a cup of tea, you can write and journal more, anything that brings more gratitude in your life

If you do not like this routine, you can adapt it to your own format. There is nothing wrong or right. The main takeaway from this post that I want everyone to remember is this question, What signals are you sending the Universe, the moment you wake up? 

How you wake up is going to set the day. So make sure you send the right signals out.