Dear Cosmic Soul,

I’m so happy you’re here! I am Sneha. I’m a mom of two sweet little boys, married to my best friend and a spirit-junkie at heart. 

My mission is to help cosmic souls like you stress less and relax your way to prosperity!

To make most of your visit on this page, and for me to serve you better, please use the shortcuts below to get to the resources you are excited about or need the most. 

FREE Ultimate Relaxation Masterclass

In this masterclass, Sneha will share with you, 

1. What Is A Relaxation Response?

2. Effects Of Chronic Stress On Our Body

3. 3 Steps To Deepen Your Relaxation

4. A Beautiful Relaxation Practice That Will Take Your Relaxation To The Next Level!

FREE Chakra Healing Quiz

Take this free chakra healing quiz and find out which chakra is blocking your prosperity? 


Free Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

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Stress Less With Sneha J – Youtube Channel

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Akashic Tree of Life Abundance Activation Sessions

In challenging and uncertain times, Akashic records can help us find out information that will help us clear our limiting beliefs, past life contracts and vows that no longer serve us or our higher purpose. 

Stress Less By Design

Human Design is a cutting edge personality assessment tool that is practical, simple, reliable, and life-changing. Human Design helps your understand why you are the way you are and how you handle yourself in relationships, your life, your career and everywhere else.  

Human Design is a synthesis of 

  • Eastern and Western Astrology
  • Chakra System
  • The Judaic Kabbalah
  • The Chinese Iching
  • Quantum Physics

I am excited about it and would love to hand run for you a FREE Human Design chart along with an e-book and a mini reading and send it to your inbox. 

 Stress Less By Oracle

Oracle cards are my favorite tools to help with stress management, healing inner child and for self-discovery. 

Get Unstuck Reading: 

In this reading, Sneha will help you get unstuck by helping you find answers to some of the most burning questions you have and help you get out of your rut. 

This reading will help you learn more about : 

Why you seem to be stuck in your current situation. What your central challenge is? Why you have not been able to move forward? What is in your blindspot? What is blocking your path ahead and how to remove it? What to focus on? What is your next best step. 

Parental Wounds Reading: 

This reading helps you understand your relationship with your father and mother and the wounds that you need to heal from these relationships.  Some of the questions that will be answered: 

  1. Mother Wound That I need to Heal
  2. How To View My Mother Differently
  3. How To Heal The Wound
  4. How Can I Allow My Inner Child To Express freely?
  5. How To connect with my divine feminine energy?
  6. What Did My Mother Hope For Me?
  7. What Did My Mother Have To Sacrifice For Me?
  8. What Lesson Did My Mother Learn Because Of Me?
  9. Father Wound That I need to Heal
  10. What do I need to do in order to heal from my father’s complex?
  11. How does this interfere with my life?
  12. Something about my father I need to see differently
  13. Something about myself I need to see differently



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