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I’m so happy you’re here! I am Sneha. I’m a mom of two sweet little boys, married to my best friend and a spirit-junkie at heart. 

My mission is to help cosmic souls like you stress less and relax your way to prosperity!

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  • Who am I and why did I write this book?
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  • What is the connection between stress and prosperity?
  • The concept of houses of prosperity

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In this masterclass, Sneha will share with you, 

1. What Is A Relaxation Response?

2. Effects Of Chronic Stress On Our Body

3. 3 Steps To Deepen Your Relaxation

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Stress Less By Design

Human Design is a cutting edge personality assessment tool that is practical, simple, reliable, and life-changing. Human Design helps your understand why you are the way you are and how you handle yourself in relationships, your life, your career and everywhere else.  

Human Design is a synthesis of 

  • Eastern and Western Astrology
  • Chakra System
  • The Judaic Kabbalah
  • The Chinese Iching
  • Quantum Physics

I am excited about it and would love to hand run for you a FREE Human Design chart along with an e-book and a mini reading and send it to your inbox.