Have you ever attended a conference where you felt completely amazing and energetic but exhausted at the same time?

I am excited to share that I was at a coaching conference last week and am now a Certified Neuro-Transformational Results Coach! I saw massive shifts happening in myself. It was a week of crying, learning, sharing and laughing. I found my hidden ability to make people laugh and it was wonderful for myself to see that ability in myself believe it or not.

One day during the certification process, I was feeling very ungrounded. I was talking about it to a coach/student present in the room during the break time. She suggested that I should go hug a tree. I gave her a questionable look but decided to try it. Since we live in Georgia, we do have tons of trees here. The house where coaching conference was hosted had quite a few trees in the backyard. I decided to step down from the patio into the backyard. I looked around and found a tree I wanted to hug.

I wrapped my hands around the tree and my first reaction was “Is, anyone watching me?” I looked around and then closed my eyes. A little anxiety crept in but then it died very quickly. As I felt connected to the moment, I felt a gentle breeze. I held the tree tight in my wrap and had a mental conversation.

Me: Will you be my tree? Will you hold me if I fall? 

What I felt next was weird. I felt the tree saying back to me the same question…

Tree: Will you be my tree? Will you hold me if I fall?

I looked quizzically at the tree…

Me: That is an odd question you ask, my dear tree, but,  I will be there for you just like you are there for me… 

Not sure what that meant but it felt really amazing to have that conversation…But apparently, it was not all over yet. We had a small exercise next where we had to look into a coaching partner’s eyes and notice facial changes, expressions, head movements, eye movements etc. While doing that, I heard myself ask the same question in my mind to this coaching partner…

Me: Will you be my tree? Will you hold me if I fall?

I wondered where that came from and decided to not judge it. In a few mins, as this session was over, I reached out to get my water bottle and almost fell off my chair. My tree aka my coaching partner saved me from the fall…It all kind of made sense…

What I really learned from this experience was this:

  1. We are always judging ourselves from others’ point of view every time we try something new. Frankly, though, no one cares.
  2. We are missing out on hints that our intuition might give us because of all the external noise and judgments we have.
  3. We miss out on connections and experiences to have fun when we have judgment towards another person.


Does this post make you go hug a tree? Does it make you connect with other people and learn something new from their point of view? I would love to know what shift this post gave you.