Night is a time when finally everyone is asleep. You get some quiet time to yourself. You turn on the TV to just mindlessly watch something so you can get away from the day’s worries and lose yourself in someone else’s story.

Your mind feels a little bored and wants you to now scavenge hunt for yummy snacks while watching TV.

It feels great in the moment. But you are already tired and have now decided to sleep late. You have eaten just before you sleep so you feel a little uncomfortable in your body. Slowly the lbs add up as well. You realize this when you try your clothes on and you no longer feel like they look good on you.

You decide to go on a diet now because you want to look so good and fit. This cycle has continued for God knows how long. You are tired and you want a change.

Let’s first start by understanding why night time binge eating happens.

Why Does Emotional Eating At Night Time Happen?

  • Abnormal levels of stress hormones
  • Restricted food intake during day time
  • Habit or boredom
  • Night time eating has been linked to some mental health issues like binge eating disorder and night time eating syndrome. In this case, you should go see a health care provider to uncover the root cause.

Side Effects Of Emotional Eating at Night

  • You are not fitting in your clothes
  • You are not meeting your weight loss goals
  • You feel discomfort in your body
  • Your emotions are not being processed causing you to be sad, anxious or in some cases depressed
  • You are unable to recognize true hunger
  • You might feel stomach pains or nausea
  • You end up feeling guilty about your eating and behavior
  • You end up feeling out of control

8 Best Tips to Stop Emotional Eating at Night

Here are 8 simple tips to help you stop emotional eating at night.

  • Tip 1: Sleep Early
    • Staying up late at night and watching TV and eating is not always healthy. Especially if you end up feeling very tired and are not recognizing your need for rest.
    • Sleeping Early will take your free night time away but it will give you more energy throughout the day and regulate those stress hormones.
    • Instead of night time watching TV, you can sleep and create an early morning ritual instead and get your free personal time then.
  • Tip 2: Meditate
    • Meditate a few minutes before bedtime. Doing this only for 10 mins will help you relax enough to get those much needed Zz’s
  • Tip 3: Journal
    • Write down all your thoughts about the day or anything that you like. This will help you clear your head and help you recognize the sleep that you need.
  • Tip 4: Process Your Emotions
    • Instead of running away from problems, choose to face them. Give your emotions some non-judgemental space and allow them to flow. If everyone else is sleeping anyway, it is a good time to let your emotions be.
    • If you want to talk through them or process them, get a coach and get the help you need to move through difficult times.
  • Tip 5: Draw a Bath
    • A nice warm bubble bath will melt those worries away and help you relax and feel taken care of.
    • It also helps the body relax and you will get much better sleep after it.
  • Tip 6: Savor the Binge
    • This might seem a little odd but hear me out. Slow down your eating at night and focus more on all the senses and feelings and emotions as you eat. Slow down and savor every bite.
    • The moment you get into slowing yourself down and into awareness of the now, the quantity that you eat will slowly diminish and you will be able to recognize your body’s hunger better.
  • Tip 7: Love Yourself More
    • Appreciate yourself just the way you are
    • Look at your inner beauty and outer beauty. What judgments do you have about yourself? Are they really yours or are they perceived from others eyes?
    • Ask yourself what you are committed to more? Your own beauty and health or your self-pity?
    • Show yourself love and compassion.
  • Tip 8: Keep Binge Worthy Snacks Out Of the House
    • Out of sight, out of mind works beautifully with food a lot of times especially at night when you are tired and won’t feel like running an errand to buy your favorite binge
    • Prepare ahead some healthy snacks for your binge so you will not feel as guilty as you usually do.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about night time emotional eating

  • Eat better throughout the day.
  • When binge eating happens, give yourself some compassion and show yourself some love. Not being in acceptance of your own deeds affects us negatively even more and puts us in a never-ending cycle.

Emotional Eating starts not because you have no control over your hunger. It usually starts because you feel like you have no control over your emotional life.


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