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Gratitude Practice

Gratitude practice is the simple shift you need to remove your mask of unhappiness. 

Have you heard about a man who was never happy? There was a man who decided that he will be happy when he will pass his exam with good grades. When he got good grades, he decided that he will be happy when he gets a good job. 

If you are looking for freedom, you have to find it within

Our minds are naturally wired towards self-criticism. As humans we are also in constant search of freedom from our day to day worries. 

What I realized is that if you are looking for freedom, it has to start with a search inside. One such tool for this search is free style painting. 

5 Mindful Practices

Living in the moment all the time is hard. It takes practice. It takes work.

But even if you are not living in the moment every moment, it becomes highly important to not miss out on some of the most important moments in life.

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