It was summer of 2006. I kept getting tickets for driving fast earlier that year. I was on my ticket number 3. It was getting on my nerves. I was wondering why everyone else was driving fast and I was the one getting caught. I had learnt driving newly that year. And I loved speed.

Summer of 2006.

On evening of June 14, 2006, I still remember, I was driving back from work on the road in the rain when I lost control over my car from what I vaguely believe was hydroplaning. I was not speeding that day at all but the accident happened to be the way my story was going to unfold.

My old Nissan Altima (I think it was 1993 model. I was a student then) went into a ditch and hit a tree. All I remember is time suddenly slowing down a lot and me wondering what is happening. I probably lost my sense for a min.

When I came back to my sense, I just knew that I could not move. The steering wheel was out and fallen on my lap, the airbag out and blown up, the hood of the car was smashed by the trunk of the tree. Luckily the tree was still intact.

I rolled down my window and started shouting for help. Just 14 years ago, having cell phones all the time in our hands was not a norm.

One man luckily waited and called my sister, my bf, and the ambulance/fire/police.

And in that moment, I made the most weirdest ask I have ever made in my life. “Please, can I hold your hand?”

That is all I wanted. I was shaken to the core and I wanted to feel safe. And for my luck, he said yes.

I remember being pulled out of the car by a paramed and being put inside the ambulance and been taken to the hospital. I remember before going in for my surgery, my spirits were still high. I was making jokes and life was all good.

Post surgery part was much harder. Getting back up, learning to walk, not being able to work, being emotionally torn, taking pain meds, getting physiotherapy.  

Things seem to get better on one day and go down the rail because of emotions running high after that. I got into misunderstandings, fights with the very people I loved. It was a chaos.

But now looking back at it, and how far away I am from that moment,

I see so many learning moments.

  1. If things are to go wrong they will
  2. It is important to appreciate traffic rules
  3. Our life is a gift and we should live it that way
  4. Empathy is uncommon but an important skill you can develop
  5. Not everybody will understand your pain
  6. There are more people who love you than you know
  7. You cannot give accident as an excuse for not showing up for yourself
  8. You are more stronger than you think you are
  9. There are very good people all over this world and good samaritans are definitely a blessing
  10. Life and death could be a matter of one small oversight

But the most important learning point is this:

When everything is going wrong, look inside and find that human spirit or your consciousness and connect with it. It is the only thing that will tell you that everything is fine.

It is the only thing that will tell you that it was a lesson you had to learn. It is the only thing that will make you aware of your life than ever before.

You are just having a human experience and it is part of the play. Just roll with it. Just learn, accept and move on.

Even if these moments have made you question your very existence on the earth, remember that these are the pivotal moments of your life. They are here to show you your shadow. They are here to show you other’s shadow.

Thank these moments. They may not be always physically harmful. They may be as simple as having acne on your face when you are expecting your friends to show up the next day or a moment where you forget your speech or as complicated as the moment when you, unfortunately, lose control over your emotions and lose some friends and loved ones on the way.

They are here to teach you patience and acceptance of life as is. They are here to somehow, in some shape or form,  move you through your current phase and take you to a new phase of life.

And most important of all, they are here to give you a perspective you did not have yet.

When everything is going really wrong, what is the perspective that you want to keep? Share with me in the comments below.