I understand, you are not meant for homeschooling. Never in your freaking imagination did you ever think this would happen.

And still, the world has shown you that this is what you are supposed to do now. Work from home, school your child, cook food, keep the house sanitized and not sure for how long.

So as any good parent will do, you are scrambling for resources, being bombarded by events after events that your child can attend online and be schooled properly.

You are joining resource groups, following Pinterest pages, downloading and making up new routines and schedules!

And that is great! I am amazed at your commitment in wanting to get this right!

But let’s not forget. You are new at this and when I saw new I say not just at homeschooling but everything that you are suddenly doing at home. Most outside activities are closed for many of you and this new change is going to suck.

It is ok to say that it sucks.

It is normal to feel that way.

Maybe some of you will feel excited for a few days.

For some of you, it will be a cakewalk like you were meant to do this and you found your calling but for most of you, it may not feel comfortable at all.

And no one knows how and when this is ending for all of us.

And for anything new to become a routine and to become normal, it takes time and effort and energy.

So, while it is all good that you are making efforts to handle this change and gather all resources on this earth to help your children get a great education, I want to request you to take care of you.

All this extra information is going to feel overwhelming. You will find yourself wondering which is the best way to go about education and which all programs to sign your kids for and which projects to make happen and how to do it all. Not to mention the bombarding of more advertisements for home school products that is going to happen soon…

So for just one moment, I invite all of you to pause. Take a deep breath in and out. Really take this moment in. Give yourself some words of compassion. You are handling it really well. I mean this did not come with any handbook or anything. Give yourself that love that you need at this moment.

And then know that maybe it is ok to not have an exact to the point schedule.

Maybe for some of you it is. It depends on your personality.

So do not compare yourself with the suddenly working mom turned crafty pinterest-er who has got it right to the T.

Maybe it ok to put your children through a highly scheduled day. Maybe it is not.

It depends on your children’s personalities. Remember it is a huge change for them as well and they are not used to being at home all day. In a lot of ways, they are young and they do not understand what is going on.

It is up to you as an adult to make it as comfortable for them but also to give them some idea of what is happening in the world and letting them be ok with the changes they are facing. They need their breathing space as well.

Maybe it ok for them to be given a little slack. Maybe it is not. It is your judgment.

All I want to say is, do not feel pushed to do anything just because everyone else is doing it too. Take your time to figure this out. Give yourself a lot of breathing moments.

And finally, while all wine memes are funny and a glass of red wine is recommended for good health (my doctor friend told me the other day but I would not use this blog as medical advice at all), do not turn into an alcoholic. It is just sad then for everyone in the family and will increase your overwhelm and cause trauma to your children. So be mindful of that…

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