By Sneha Jhanb

Stress-Free Prosperity


Stress has played a major role in my life. I have been through a fair share of stress through accidents, surgery, heart breaks, career setbacks, entrepreneurial setbacks and more. And on that journey of life navigating stress, I found a way to bring myself back on the road to prosperity. Every time I strayed down the path of stress, I have managed to pull myself back to prosperity. 


When I started writing this book, one thing was clear. The idea of this book was not to send you down the road of positive thinking your way to prosperity or denying your feelings and forcing yourself to feel positive. The idea of this book is to give actionable strategies to help you lower your stress and increase your prosperity.



Sneha is the founder of Stress Less With Sneha J , Stress Less With Sound and owner of Prosperous Financial Services, LLC. Sneha is an Industrial Engineer turned  Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner and Financial Professional.

She helps families connect with their financial and emotional well being and helps achieve stress free prosperity. She is passionate about connecting consciously in this world and wants to share these values with her husband and 2 boys. 


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