The Ultimate Relaxation Queen

Dear Cosmic Soul,

I’m so happy you’re here! I am Sneha. I’m a mom of two sweet little boys, married to my best friend and a spirit-junkie at heart. 

I used to think that I have to be stressed out and anxious and uptight all the time. Slowly I learned that if I continued on the path of extreme stress and anxiety, I was going to burn out. 

I realized the importance of personal stress management and relaxation and started this website and slowly my variety of services to help people who are ambitious yet heart-driven like me to take control of their personal well being and relaxation.

The truth is no one wants relaxation. What everyone really wants is their daily wins.

What everyone wants to see is money.

What everyone wants to see is their relationships thriving.

Relaxation gets a bad reputation. Relaxation is often mistaken for laziness or quitting.

But the truth is far from it.

The relaxation response is the necessity of our mind-body-spirit system. It is a response by our parasympathetic nervous system to help reduce stress hormones and promote relaxing hormones.

The constant anxiety and stress that we are under in order to make things happen for us is not really the optimum way to live.
That does not mean you have to be lazy and sleep all day and have no ambition.
That does not mean you have to schedule time in your calendar and then do nothing or worst watch TV all day.

That is why I have created The Ultimate Relaxation Masterclass.

In this masterclass, you will learn:
1. What Is A Relaxation Response?
2. Effects Of Chronic Stress On Our Body
3. 3 Steps To Deepen Your Relaxation
4. A Beautiful Relaxation Practice That Takes Your Relaxation To The Next Level!
Check the masterclass here:

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Learn more about how my Akashic Record and Intuitive Guidance Readings can help you further

I perfected the art of  safely processing my emotions 

When you are stressed, you feel deeply. You are focused on either suppressing your emotions or wondering how to get rid of them. You become frustrated with everything that is happening. This stress can then lead to stress in more areas of life and can also hurt other people in the process that you never mean to hurt. 

This is where I come in. I help you navigate through your stuck and helpless feeling and help you thrive in middle of your suffering.

Stress is a beast and makes you feel lonely in life. You feel like no one can understand you. You feel alone. You feel not understood. You feel unheard. You feel you are not enough. 

In this time, I am here to tell you that I am here for you. I am here to help you every single time. 

Why? Because I have been there. I have felt lonely. I have felt like the whole world has turned against me. I have felt irritated, judged and judgemental. I have felt like I was the one causing the whole world a lot of problems. I have felt resentment and anger. 

It has led me to accidents, surgeries, all before my mid thirties. 

But when I found out the right tools that helped me navigate through my stress triggers, through my anger and irritation, through my jealousy and loneliness, I wanted everyone to know about them.

I wanted to help more and more people to move away from daily stress and to realize the joy and abundance that this life can bring to us, even in times of high stress. 

The real truth is that tools I use are many, but the real issue that I help you tackle is just one big one.

It is all about turning your inner self destructive voice into a mindful, awakened and self-compassionate one. 

 Here is to awakening your joy and abundance within! Cheers!






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