I am the author of #1 New Release on Amazon, across multiple categories, Stress-Free Prosperity, A Mindful-Path To Joy, Abundance and Wealth.

I am known for helping people achieve stress-free prosperity using mindfulness, neuro-transformational coaching, sound healing, financial mindfulness and more. 

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How My Work Will Benefit You?


I am a self-compassion advocate. My mission in life is centered around how can we feel more prosperous, more wealth, more joyous, more abundant while minimizing stress?

I explore practical, spiritual and financial realms that help me and share with the outer world.

My work explores our relationship with the following 9 Houses Of Prosperity™ 

1. Self/You

2. Relationships

3. Money

4. Space and Environment

5. Career/Purpose

6. Spirit

7. Network

8. Body

9. Time

The way you relate to each of these houses, determines your prosperity at any given time. These houses can either make you feel abundant and rich or they may make your stress levels rise.

When you are stressed, you feel deeply. You are focused on either suppressing your emotions or wondering how to get rid of them. You become frustrated with everything that is happening. This stress can then lead to stress in more areas of life and can also hurt other people in the process that you never mean to hurt. 

When we explore the houses of prosperity. you will go down a path of time tested, strategic processes to achieve prosperity and lower stress in each of these houses. 

My methods are a mix of spirituality, practicality, science and wow! You have to understand how stress works, and how it affects your life. You have to get more clarity, you will be well on your way to stress-free prosperity! 






Some other things you must know about me: 

1. I sell courses, services, and products. It is a business and I am proud to share my work with those who are aligned. 

2. I have contributed two chapters in a multi-author book focused on multi-cultural movement. It is called Raising The Global Mindset

3. I used to be an Industrial Engineer before starting out on this journey of stress-free prosperity

4. I am a mom of 2 boys, one furry pet, and a wife of my handsome husband who is an amazing human being and an intellectual property attorney. 

5. I am multi-passionate and interested in social media, the finance industry, making money online, side businesses, current affairs, multi-culturism, inclusion, real estate, food (especially desserts and snacks), gardening, decorating, makeup, and fashion (just getting started with the last two) but I do not write about it much on this website unless it is relevant. 

6. I am a foodie and I love to eat. But before moving to the US, I would tell my mom to just give me a food pill. 

7. I am currently working on my 200 Hr Yoga Teacher program and I am aiming to become a better yoga student first. 

8. I love singing bowls and though they go well with this website, I have created a separate website for them to explore sound healing in much detail. You can check that website here:

9. I am scared of reptiles. I have tried to mentally change my love for them but it has not worked. 

10. I love supporting charities. Some of my favorites to support are: Svackshee Sansthan, Project Why, Water, Hand in Hand USA

11. I have followed gurus and continue to learn from Sri Sri Ravishankarji, Tejguru Sirshreeji, Paramhansa Prajnanandaji, Sri Mji 

12. I love buying books and reading books and over the years I have realized that they are two different hobbies. 





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I am an over sharer by nature and I do not feel guilty about it. You are welcome to comment or post your questions on any of these channels.