Do you struggle from emotional eating? Maybe you struggle with cravings, binge eating, overeating?

Maybe you are worried that you do not have control or willpower over food?

You are interested in stopping the daily stress of emotional eating!

What is Emotional Eating? Why does this happen?

Emotional eating is using food as a way to change current emotional experience. It is eating in response to stressful, difficult feelings, when not experiencing physical hunger. It shows up as cravings for high sugar, high carb and high calorie foods.

Further, people who emotionally eat tend to eat food to fill an emotional void. They are known to connect food to their feelings, positive or negative. If you eat emotionally, you might constantly choose junk food over healthy food.

freedom from emotional eating

7 Step Formula To Freedom From Emotional Eating

Step 1: Awareness is key when it comes to finding freedom from emotional eating

The first step to finding freedom from emotional eating is to finding awareness towards your emotional triggers.

Understanding when you crave certain foods, the time, the events that lead to it is as important as being aware that you are an emotional eater.

Keeping a food journal is a great first step to bringing awareness. And by food journal, I do not mean noting down everything you ate. I mean noting down how you felt before, during and after eating.

Here is a journal I created especially for my clients.

freedom from emotional eating journal

Step 2: Uncovering and decluttering blocks to freedom from emotional eating

Before choosing any diet program, it is important to uncover emotional troubles hidden inside of you. You have enough shame, guilt, anger that you stuff under food.

If you do not address this, every dietary change you choose will be temporary. You already know you have attempted diets and failed.

Now is the time to declutter your emotional hell and uncover the real hidden strength inside of you that you need to start really listening to your body.

Step 3: Creating a new blueprint to find freedom from emotional eating

In this step, I recommend you create a picture of your new after. Who is that you want to be? What is that you will do and stand for when you find food freedom?

Once you know where you are, what battles you are fighting and where you need to end, it is easier to create a path of actions to meet you there.

In my 7 step coaching program, I take you one week after other through each of these 7 steps and help you find freedom from emotional eating.

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Step 4: Recognizing enemies that rob away freedom from emotional eating

Once you have created your path, you should find what ways can you fail. These are what I call enemies. In my industrial engineering and process improvement world I called it PFMEA(Process Failure Modes Effects and Analysis).

Basically once you design a process, find ways and faults in the process where it can possible fail.

Your enemies in the food freedom can be excuses, emotional issues still hidden, experiences, etc.

Step 5: To create a plan of attack against enemies that cause emotional eating

Once you have identified your enemies and your path, it is time to create a plan of attack. Well not really attack as in fight mode but it is important to create a plan of action in case some events are going to derail you in your plan for emotional eating freedom.

And yes, sometimes events do derail you. But can you get back quicker than before, is where it matters? We all fail but will you be able to fail and get back up quickly by leaving all shame, guilt and anger of fear behind? That is the question.

Step 6: Create a new habit to find freedom from emotional eating

In order to find freedom from emotional eating, you have to find ways to replace this habit with something else.

You have to make sure that this habit is not just another way of suppressing your emotions though. This will be taken care of in the first 5 steps.

The new habit will kick in every time you are triggered emotionally and feel like eating.

Step 7: Find an accountability partner

Just mere habit replacement will do if you are a habit upholder. But for everyone else you need an accountability partner or a coach who can keep your habits in check and answer all your questions.

When you start new habits, it is important to have all support you can get to make sure you are successful.

A coach is an excellent support system who is on the side of your success and will give you non judgemental and non biased views.

If you are interested in going through this 7 step system with me and finally finding freedom from emotional eating, feel free to schedule a call here now


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