Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck.

I had a client once who wanted to take up a new job. But the fear of feeling judged for her accent was keeping her away from applying to new jobs. Her case was straightforward and she was very much aware of her fear.

Fear is sometimes trickier than this. It hides behind anger, anxiety, disappointment. It keeps you stuck in these really low emotions and sad circumstances that keep you unhappy. You feel like you are never going to ever get out of this situation ever again.

It is a very uncomfortable feeling. A very familiar one for most of us.

Through my mindset coaching and energy healing work, I have figured out some easy methods to move out of this feeling very quickly. Here is one of those methods.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Am I really happy?

When you ask yourself this question, don’t try to answer it immediately. Instead, close your eyes and feel the emotions in your body. Locate their position in your body. Name them. Describe them in weight, color, texture, movement or any other detail. This helps you exactly locate which emotion you are stuck in and why. It helps you process these emotions out of your body. It helps you feel lighter

2. Is what I am doing right now working for me?

Have you heard the definition of Insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a change is insanity. These are words of the great Albert Einstein. As a process engineer, I lived by this definition. And turns out, it works in real life outside of an industry as well. When we want to get out of a situation that we are in, why not take an inventory of what we are doing currently and what’s not working. Then change the thing that is not working out. Try it out again. The result will be different and you will have moved immediately out of the stuck situation.

3. What is the fear that is stopping me from making changes?

Is it fear of dependency? Is it a fear of judgment? Is it a fear of survival? When you can pinpoint your fear, take a step in the direction of change in spite of fear. This helps you get the courage to move on.

These are some of the deep questions I ask my clients in my coaching world. They help my clients find inner confidence, their inner peace. They help them align with their values and their dreams. And they propel them in a momentum towards their dreams.

These questions take you out of your outward dependencies and complaining into concrete actions towards your goals.