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Do you constantly worry about being caught at night while binge eating?

Do you feel that your cravings are misplaced and there is something more that needs to be tackled?

Do you judge yourself for the extra calories you consume and the emotional weight that you carry around?

These 21 Tapping Meditations will help you

  • 1. Reprogram your belief systems that keep you addicted to food

  • 2. Release the limiting beliefs and past hurts from your life that keep you in a cycle of worry

  • 3. Learn how to be in control of your body and what you consume

  • 4. Manage your triggers in situations that are not conducive to your growth


Frankly, I have not created an artificial urgency where the timer will go off and the page will no longer sell this program, NO. 

Why I believe you should get this now is not about this being a simple investment that will double in the next few hours. I believe that you need this program now is because I genuinely believe that this will be one of the first few steps you would take to bring awareness around your emotions and triggers of emotional eating.

This program will help you tackle your problem head on. It will talk about the real root cause of your emotional eating. There is no other urgency than the one that you want a real NO B.S life changing solution. And this is the first step towards it.