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Hi, I am Sneha and I help sensitive women (and some men) get control over their emotions. I teach from personal experiences and use proven methods. I am passionate about helping my clients change their perspective on common stress triggers. 

Benefits for You

Get Unstuck From "Shoulds"

Learn how to work with difficult, self-defeating and ruminating thoughts. Stop the struggle of overreacting and self-criticism

Find Focus and Productivity

Explore how to balance high intensity work with periods of complete disengagement, to properly restore and recharge your energy levels. Learn to stop your work life bleeding into your personal life and vice versa. 

Find Your Inner Goddess

Discover your inner strength and self-compassion. Stop the cycle of crash and burn. Learn simple self-care methods to bring the lost energy and sensuality back. Feel amazing in your body,mind and spirit. 

Feel Connected

Learn to communicate and listen with greater mindfulness, presence and care. 

What Clients Say


She showed me that I have
the power to change my




I loved her strategies for channeling frustration...

Social Worker


She makes me feel optimistic and lighter. Like the weight is taken off my shoulders...

Working Mom

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The Beginners Guide To Curb Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is experienced by 27% adults in their lifetime. 30% decide to skip a meal.

Either way emotional eating or not eating is a way of handling emotions as an adult. And learning how to stop emotional eating a big question.


If you are looking for freedom, you have to find it within

Our minds are naturally wired towards self-criticism. As humans we are also in constant search of freedom from our day to day worries. 

What I realized is that if you are looking for freedom, it has to start with a search inside. One such tool for this search is free style painting. 


How To Stop Emotional Eating At Night?

Night is a time when finally everyone is asleep. You get some quiet time to yourself. You turn on the TV to just mindlessly watch something so you can get away from the day’s worries and lose yourself in someone else’s story.

Your mind feels a little bored and wants you to now scavenge hunt for yummy snacks while watching TV.

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