Hi, I am Sneha J. 

I help executives and entrepreneurs find their inner-happy and create a stress-free prosperous life using mindset coaching and energy work.
I am a Certified Mindset Coach (Neuro-transformational Results Coach), Master Reiki Practitioner and a Mindfulness Enthusiast. My tools may vary but my core message is the same. If you are out of alignment of who you are, you experience stress, unhappiness, and tension.
All of my tools help you get back to alignment, get back to flow, get back to YOU.
Some of my favorite tools to use with my clients are Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Akashic Records, Tarot and Oracle, Meditation and Mindfulness tools, Reiki, EFT, and Energy Healing.
I am a true multi-passionate at heart.
In my previous life, I was an Industrial Engineer and a Continuous Improvement Enthusiast. I worked in this capacity for about 10 plus years. I am happy to use continuous improvement principles in working with my clients when needed and called for.


Not feeling motivated at your current job?

You are struggling to share your voice? Or you are doing everything right but not getting that promotion? Maybe, you need a  complete career overhaul but you are not sure about it yet.

Struggling with Overwhelm?

You love what you do but being available 24 by 7 stresses you out. Juggling responsibilities, making decisions, out of control deadlines leave you with very less energy.You are not even sure if this is really how you want to live all your life all the time.

Relationships Are Hard?

You are triggered by everyone around you. You feel disappointed, sad, irritated, angry or misunderstood most of the times. How you wish you could make all these issues go away…


In Sneha’s powerful breakthrough session I went from feeling frustrated and hopeless to feeling more optimistic. I actually felt like I have the power to change my situation. I quickly moved through my blocks during this session.

Laureen E.

Intuitive Life Coach

Sneha shared interesting tools with me that helped me get out of my awful beliefs and helped me feel more confident.

Dr. Abhijeet W.


Everytime I talk to Sneha, I am amazed by how comfortable she makes me feel and how gentle and sweet she is. Her intuition is so strong and she guides you in such a peaceful way. She gently gave me insights on how to deal with everything in a more peaceful way…She helped me put things into perspective and remember who I was before I got lost because of others.

Eka M.

Working Mom

I loved my session with Sneha. She really helped me to release some old issues that were still rooted somewhere deep down within. I love her natural and kind manner. I can truly recommend her to anyone looking to release old negative emotions and patterns.

Pauline B.